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Tree remains standing.
Emily's Senior Photos

Emily’s Senior Photos

A wonderful portrait session with Emily. Pictures taken near San Francisco Peaks. More can be seen on the Portrait Gallery page:

Chester Contemplates

Portrait of our rescue dog Chester. He’s a lovable chap.

Waterfall at Fossil Creek AZ

Waterfall at Fossil Creek AZ

Aperture: ƒ/22 Focal length: 16mm ISO: 100 Shutter speed: 1/15s

Tree remains standing.

Standing Tall

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Picture of broken tree branch with eye and twig for pupil

Wood be Portrait

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Santa Looking For?

As we come together on this day, let’s remember to connect with ourselves. Look inside and discover the beauty within. Heal the wounds that remain. Forgive yourself. view full post »

Portrait of KL6

Knitting away watching some case files of X. Intriguing… do you believe?

Elemental Hearts

May the power of the elements support and foster your love for one another. view full post »

Love Buddha

Let your inner Buddha shine. Become one with your heart. view full post »