Love Samurai

Follow the way of the heart and strengthen your inner realm to bring peace and prosperity to the outer. A warrior is aware of their thoughts and actions, choosing how to be in this world, rather than reacting to the world in front of them. Perception is key and the lens can be tinted. A true warrior chooses the lens in which they see though, discarding which fails to be useful. Bravely the warrior chooses a lens without tint and faces truth with all their strength.

Life can be beautiful, it’s all a matter of choice. Encourage others to shine their beautiful inner light, for it’s one of the most beautiful things to see.

I encourage you to shine your beauty for the world to see. Let judgements fall to the wayside, for it only reflects a trained judging mind. Allow those to abandon their judgements, by offering those love in return.

Plant and grow the seeds of light.

Love rather than hate, trust rather than fear, calmness rather than anger, light rather than darkness. These are the challenges before you, and may your warrior strength aid you in the darkest of hours.

With all my love,


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