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Chester Contemplates

Portrait of our rescue dog Chester. He’s a lovable chap.

Santa Looking For?

As we come together on this day, let’s remember to connect with ourselves. Look inside and discover the beauty within. Heal the wounds that remain. Forgive yourself. When we set aside our wants, we can enjoy and connect with what the day presents us. Enjoy those around you, for you may find them absent someday. […]

Portrait of KL6

Knitting away watching some case files of X. Intriguing… do you believe?

Elemental Hearts

May the power of the elements support and foster your love for one another. We’re all connected just as the elements are connected to each other. Allow all to shine! Love, Chris

Love Buddha

Let your inner Buddha shine. Become one with your heart. Be kind to yourself and to all in your life, for they may reflect your actions and extend kindness to others. Forgive yourself and those that are unkind, thus opening the way for change. Allow your heart to lead the way. Love, Chris

Love Samurai

Follow the way of the heart and strengthen your inner realm to bring peace and prosperity to the outer. A warrior is aware of their thoughts and actions, choosing how to be in this world, rather than reacting to the world in front of them. Perception is key and the lens can be tinted. A […]

Love Shaolin Monk

May we find connection to heart in all things.

Love Foot Soldier

An army of peaceful warriors are coming. Their way is contagious.

Love Egyptian (Ink and Color)

Love Egyptian